What's New

We are working hard to improve the café for customers and staff. See below just some of the changes made or being made very soon!

Try our New TEXT US service for takeaways and Deliveries will now be live on 07740990206 Normal Text messages and WhatsApp's Messages will be taking Please wait for Confirmation of acceptance of orders.

New Decking

Enjoy our new decking area with improved ramp for wheelchair access and more space. Along with our new tables and lighting when its a bit darker, we hope this makes your stay more relaxing and welcoming.

Table Service

We have made changes to make table service possible not just for Covid 19 but to allow you to relax and enjoy the café more.

Free Wifi

We have added free wifi to the café area for all customers. Enjoy some youtube or news while you eat!

Free phone/laptop charging

Want to charge your phone while you eat or drink? All tables come with two sockets and built in twin USBs for your use. If you need a charging cable ask a member of staff to borrow one of our adaptors.*

*Disclaimer: While all our sockets and cables are new and we have used qualified electricians to install them, you use them and our supplied cables at your own risk. As this service is free we cannot offer any guarantees with it. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with this please don't use the service.

Menu improvements


  • Premium Hot Drinks

  • Vegan and Vegetarian options

  • Jacket Potatoes with various fillings

  • QR code for contactless easy browsing on your phone or tablet device

New Items

Enjoy our new Jacket Potatoes with various fillings

Air Conditioning!

Too hot or too cold? We will be installing air conditioning in the café are for yours and staffs comfort

Vegan and Vegetarian options

We have extended the menu to have new Vegan and Vegetarian options.

Coming soon!

Disabled access improvements

We are aiming to improve access for everyone including wheelchair users. The owner himself is wheelchair bound so we understand the needs and changes first hand and are looking to improve the café with as many adjustments as we reasonable can over time.