Covid-19 Changes


Notes on recent Closure:

As a precaution we recently closed for a week as one of our staff had shown mild Covid symptoms and another staff member had been in contact with someone who has since been confirmed positive. These staff and all our staff other were tested as a precaution and all the results came back negative. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this closure but we felt it was important to be sure for our customers and staffs safety.

We will continue to be vigilant and ensure we are as covid secure as possible to protect our customers and staff.

As an additional measure we had the premises sanitised professionally and are improving our procedures as well.

In order to keep staff and customers safe we have implemented the following changes.

  • We have implemented a set of Rules and Guidelines designed to reduce the chances of Transmission for staff and customers.

  • Staff have their temperature checked each day before service

  • We have changed the layout of tables to aid in distancing customers and keeping customers facing away from other tables (back to back)

  • We have improved the outside area (added Decking and new tables) to aid in distancing customers and encourage sitting outside

  • We have implemented table service to avoid congestion at the till area

  • We have added wireless card payments

  • We have placed sanitiser stations in multiple locations as you enter and around the café

  • We have a QR code on the menu to allow contactless menu viewing

  • We print fresh menus to be disposed of after usage for customers who cant (or dont want to) use the QR code

  • We have laminated menus that are sanitised after each usage

  • Masks or face covers are to be used by staff while serving customers inside and should be used by customers if they do enter the till area

  • Free disposable masks are being provided for customers

  • Gloves are available for staff to use along with regular sanitisation of hands

  • We have track and trace forms available for customers to put down details which will be kept confidential and only used in the case of a reported Covid-19 case in the café. These will be destroyed securely are 21 days.